Monday, April 21, 2008

Youth Rally Litany of the Saints

For those looking for the Litany of the Saints version used at the Yonkers Youth Rally with Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday, it was composed by John Becker and is available through OCP. Find more information here. I would love to find a full recorded version of Saturday's singing - let me know if you find it anywhere and I'll share it here.


Augusto said...


I was just looking for that, didn't know what version they were using.

BTW I posted the video of the Litany (it's not perfect, missed the very beginning) in case you are interested;

Also, do you know the name of the lady singing it?

Anonymous said...

Her name is Christi Chiapetti. She is listed as the cantor for the event.

Also you can see another YouTube video of her at watch?v=_ekfIUNt818

The video depicts a performance of Christi as part of the Bronx Spotlight Theatre

Lisa M. Hendey said...

Thanks to both of you for sharing this information! I absolutely loved watching the video and appreciate knowing the cantor's name. She is so talented.

Christi chiapetti said...

Hey...this is Christi. I'm really glad you enjoyed the litany! It was a great day!