Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Body of Christ - Something that has struck me

In watching the various masses, events, prayer ceremonies and rallies this week, I've been struck by an intense urge to know more about the various lay people involved in the liturgies. I would love to speak with the altar servers, the lectors, the cantors, and all of those blessed enough to be participants. I was just watching the woman who proclaimed the first reading - what a moment it must have been for her. Is she a lector in her parish? How was she chosen? How does one prepare to lector for the Holy Father? Each of the many people who made these events so special walks his or her own faith journey, but all of them as part of the Body of Christ. And so many lives have been touched by this journey. Most of us only had the benefit of watching the liturgies on television or on the Internet, but a chosen few shared these precious moments firsthand. I hope they will share their stories firsthand and their renewed faith will cause a swelling of faith and service in their own faith communities and beyond.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

I was intrigued by your blog and your wonder of the lay people involved in the mass. I am a new lector at my parish, and as well am a brand new Catholic. During RCIA, I mentioned to my priest that one of the ways I wanted to be involved was to be a reader. He encouraged me to follow up with the organizer of the readers. I was unsure if I could so something so important so soon in my "status" as a Catholic. He assured me that the church was ready for me to be involved, as long as I was ready. I am so happy that I answered the call from the holy spirit to convert to Catholicism, and I am equally happy that I anwered this stirring in my soul to be a reader of the Word of God in mass. Being in front of people has never been a fear. I also have always loved to read passages of the Bible outloud at home, so I felt that this was a natural calling. I also have always been told that I have a good speaking voice.
As a side note of divinity and God's happiness, I was assigned to read the April 20th reading from the Acts of the Apostles about the institution of the Deacons and a specific reference to Stephen. I had chosen St. Stephen to be my confirmation name! Imagine my joy when I opened my lector workbook the weeks ahead of time to practice my reading. God does have a plan, and I believe that if you feel a desire to serve your church in any way, then it is up to you to answer the Holy Spirit. I'm glad I did.

Lisa M. Hendey said...

Dear Anon,
Thanks so much for sharing this insight - I too believe we are each called to serve our faith communities in some way, whether that be as lectors, as Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, as greeters or through prayer support. Some of us may feel to shy or unqualified to step forward and volunteer, but I think we are each needed and welcomed.
Thanks for sharing your experience!