Monday, October 13, 2008

Mrs. MD good friend and columnist Kate Wicker has created the website I needed twenty something years ago when I fell in love with and married a man who would go on to become an ER doctor. Mrs. MD is a great new blog that's "Your Rx for a health and happy medical marriage". Kate's married to a Radiology Resident and has two lovely kiddos, which makes her an instant candidate for sainthood in my book. On top of that, she's a gifted writer and she and her fellow contributors have a great outlook on life as a "doctor's wife".

So if your spouse is a med student, a resident or even a doctor, check out Mrs. MD - I guarantee you'll find a smile and feel uplifted! Great job Kate!

Mrs. MD


Anonymous said...

you mean fell in love with and married a man.....don't you?

Kate Wicker said...

Thanks for the plug, Lisa!

God Bless,