Sunday, June 08, 2008

Teachers Need Your Help!

Help! We have two requests this weekend from teachers needing a little guidance. I thought I'd turn this over to the experts and ask for your assistance. If you can help with either item, please post a comment below or email me at Thanks!

  • I am a teacher and am looking for a poster for children to use in school. It is like a poster sheet students fill out that lets them put in details about themselves. Things like what I like to do and what is my favorite food. Instead this poster tells details of how they are like Jesus. I found it once online but have not found it again. Have you ever seen something like this?
  • I am a parent of a school-age child that has been attending CCD classes. We are interested in reinforcing lessons taught during religion class and would like to make sure he is “on-track” according to the Church’s timeline. The Director of religious education at our Church is not aware of a list of CCD objectives that we can refer to…. Do you have knowledge of an object/standard list by age or grade level? This information would be greatly appreciated.


Barb, sfo said...

I don't have the answers to these but I hope that when you find them, you will post them for everyone else to use. Both sound like great resources!

Shirley said...

Regarding CCD - I'd start by going to your diocese's web site - many of them will have an area dedicated to Religious Ed, and will have at least an outline of the curriculum expectations by grade for the diocese. In our diocese (St. Augustine), the outline lists the CCC references, so it is easier to find activities (online & books) to cover/reinforce certain topics. Many of the religious ed textbook websites also have their scope & sequence organized by reference to the CCC and that is a help too (PLUS - many of them have free printable and online activities for the children!)