Monday, June 16, 2008

Please say some prayers for Kerry

I know I've been asking for lots of prayers and support lately, but I firmly believe in the power of our prayers for one another so I'm going to keep asking. A good friend of mine (even though we've never met!) is Kerry Madden, who has become known for her work as a Catholic Parish Media Liaison. Kerry is a weekly contributor to our Catholic Moments Podcast - you will recognize her as the angel with the sweet voice who calls in weekly to share great things happening in Catholic media. I'm a regular visitor to her blog, where she's always posting about wonderful Catholic new media tips. Yesterday, Kerry was hospitalized for heart troubles and has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She received a special blessing from her parish priest and is requesting prayers as she faces the challenges of this diagnosis.

When I received Kerry's email today and that of another friend who also needs our prayers, it underscored for me the true power and beauty of a responsible use of New Media. Through the Internet, we can lift up and support each other in times of need like these. Please pray for Kerry and her family!

Kerry's blog

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