Friday, May 09, 2008

What's Twitter and Why Does Lisa Like It So Much?

Many of you have written to me to ask "What's Twitter and why do you keep talking and writing about it?". Well, this little video does a great job of explaining the concept of Twitter in plain English. After you've watched the video, I would invite you to check out my profile on Twitter at

I "tweet" about two to three times a day, mostly sharing news about my blogs and podcast, but also frequently sharing about the little things that fill my day with such joy. Twitter is yet another way to keep up with friends online and to make new friends who share our interests. We have a vibrant, incredibly supportive Catholic community on Twitter. It's not unusual for someone to post a prayer request there and instantly receive feedback from fellow Twitter readers who join instantly in praying for that intention. If your a blogger, it's also a great place to help spread the word about your writing. I find that I greatly enjoy the time I spend each day connecting with others on Twitter and hope you'll check it out and consider following me. If you still have questions, feel free to drop a comment below or email me!

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