Saturday, May 24, 2008 - Video game content reviews for parents

Cami Tapley, an internet friend of mine, recently brought to my attention a new site her son Jorim is working on that is a greatly needed resource for parents.  Jorim's List gives content-driven descriptions of the latest video games for parents and caregivers who want to know what their kids are playing. 

I'm surprised at the number of parents who purchase mature rated games for kids and turn a blind eye to the content of these games.  Jorim gives you the straight-to-the-point overview you need to make informed parenting decisions.  Since he's a gamer, you'll also get Jorim's perspective on the entertainment value of games, thereby helping you avoid buying a game your kids will find boring after the first day.  Please check out Jorim's List prior to making your decision about game purchases and support the great work he's doing to keep our kids safely entertained! - Video game content reviews for parents

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Cami said...

Lisa, thank you SO much for the mention, Jorim and I really appreciate it.

I hope your readers will discover for themselves how easy Jorim makes it for them to keep up on what's good and what's not.

His reviews aren't editorial like other gaming sites geared to parents, they are content-rich; they list ALL objectionable content, so parents can make up their own minds.

And, as you point out, parents can find suggestions for good games, by age, from the view of another gamer.