Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Christmas Present Wish List

Hi friends,

I hope your Advent is off to a wonderful start - our family has been truly blessed this year and I'm very mindful of God's greatness in my life as we journey towards Christmas.

Since you are a regular reader of this blog, I consider you a friend and I feel comfortable asking you a favor. As most of you know, one of my new projects this year is my "Catholic Moments Podcast" at - the show has aired 25 episodes and is off to a great start, despite my being such a rookie.

My "wish list" item is related to the podcast. I am preparing a Christmas show, and would love to share your voice on it. I am looking for brief Christmas greetings that will be shared on the podcast - heartwarming, funny, sweet - you decide! I've set up a telephone number that you can call to record your greeting for the Catholic Moments audience/me. You simply call 206-339-9272 and leave a brief message. If you're really organized and could send me your feedback in mp3 format, feel free to do that as well. I am preparing the show for Wednesday, 12/19 so I would need your feedback by Monday, 12/17. Feel free to mention your book, CD, website, podcast, or just the fact that you love me (hint to my Mom to call!) - I would love to include as many voices as possible to emphasize the fact that our wonderful community of friends continues to grow and blossom.

I know you are all busy, so I truly appreciate your considering taking the time to participate. If you would prefer to share your feedback in written form feel free to email me at and I will happily share your feedback!

Thank you all for the ongoing gift of your friendship and encouragement and may your remaining days of Advent be truly blessed!


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