Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Work of Holy Week

Mike offers a great reflection on today's Gospel reading over at his notebook.

He asks: When was the last time you shared the faith with someone who isn't Catholic? It is often a relationship or community bond which opens a door to sharing the faith- are you currently working on a project or event which may open up a door for evangelization a month or year from now? Finally, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the greatest), how strongly do you believe that you are an evangelizer?

In response to that last question, I have to admit to being probably a Four. Evangelization is uncomfortable for me - I need to give it greater devotion in my own life. At this point, however, I feel a greater sense of urgency in devoting time and energy to the faith formation of my own little family. In my world, evangelization starts in the home. Thanks Mike for another great reflection!

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Pat Gohn said...

Er,(ahem)Lisa, I'd raise that number to at least an 8, given your faithful and fruitful efforts with CatholicMom, not to mention your parish and school witness. (The fruit of which you will never have knowledge of in this life lest it lead you into the sin of pride!)

You speak the language of love thru cyberspace!

And yes, we can all do more... as long as we stay open and say "yes" to the opportunities the Lord provides.