Thursday, February 09, 2006

Look Who Came to Dinner

For some of you, the site of a fox sitting on your back fence watching you cook dinner may not be big news, but here in the Hendey household it sure is!

Our friend "Chickenhound", as he was christened last year by Adam, has been MIA since the last apricot season, when he was seen leaping into the tree and eating up all of our harvest. We haven't seen him since July, so it was great fun to have a fox alert - he must have heard we were having tacos for dinner tonight!

For those of you fortunate to have regular wildlife sightings where you live, please understand that our neighborhood is not your typical fox stomping grounds...we usually only get frogs!


Cami said...

So many good posts to comment on...I'll choose this one to relate: You know I understand, being from Bakersfield, about the rarity of seeing wildlife. Since we live downtown, it's no different in our Great Lakes home. But I saw an oppossum once, and those things are scary. Chickenhound is pretty--although I'd be angry about the apricots!

Anonymous said...

We live in between Dallas and Fort Worth and frequently have seen coyotees in the back yard, fortunately our dog is bigger than they are!

Pat Gohn said...

Yup, we got 'em here too. Usually seen at night, not broad daylight!
We've got coyotes too --yikes!--just 25 miles out of Boston!

Anyway my big wildlife frustration this season is the deer! Read about it here.

Another Catholic Mom said...

I live in the Washington DC Suburbs. However, my house backs up to the woods of a local park. My home office window often looks out over deer,fox, rabbits, and lots of squirrels. Today, however, the view is mainly snow! All the kids are home for a snow day. Still, there are snowstorm blessings to count.