Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Catholic Music Review

Great news for Catholic music fans! Contemporary Christian praise band News At Eleven has announced the release of their sophomore effort, Here Till The End.

Building on the signature sound from Have You Not Heard, their first CD, this group of talented USC alums has moved out into the "real world" and their music has evolved and grown too. Inspired by a New Year's Eve jam session, Here Till The End features thirteen new original compositions and a greater emphasis on lead vocals.

From the soul filled "See What Love the Father Has" to the acoustic "Fill My Soul", this latest News At Eleven project features something for everyone. The opening track, "Alleluia (Raise Your Voice)" is infectious from the first listening. The CD's final tune, "With the Lord There Is Mercy", featuring awesome baby vocals by Gabriel MacPhail, will leave you wanting to hit the "repeat" button and listen again. High production quality and talented musicianship on every level make this CD a pleasure to listen to and inspire praise and worship with enthusiasm.

Congratulations to News At Eleven on another great recording effort that leaves Christian music fans staying tuned to see what's next!

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