Monday, September 01, 2008

Traitor the Movie

Adam and I went to the movies today and saw Traitor starring Don Cheadle and Roy Clayton. I've loved Don Cheadle for a long time, especially since Hotel Rwanda, but I really don't know much about this movie outside of his starring role in it.

Let me say up front that the movie is PG13 and not for young kids. The movie is an espionage thriller that really takes on the topic of terrorism and religious fundamentalism. Adam and I had a fascinating discussion after the movie about the issues addressed. If you enjoy thrillers, you may want to check out this film. I tried to search for a review on the USCCB site, but it does not appear to have been reviewed.

Seen any good movies lately? I'd love to hear about them. By the way, I'm still trying to talk someone into going to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or Mamma Mia with me - unlikely in a house full of men!

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