Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Joy of Being "Auntie" Lisa

Dear Patrick,

I’m on the train back home to Fresno after having spent the past day with you and am missing you like crazy already. I wanted to thank you for the joy of being your Auntie – you are a precious gift from God and I’m blessed every time I am able to spend time with you. The following are just a few of my favorite things about being your Auntie Lisa:

• Arriving on the train with a Thomas the Tank engine whistle and a train coloring book for you and watching your eyes light up at the site of the Amtrak train
• Sitting by the potty with you as you’re learning to be a “big boy” and reading books and singing songs
• Sneaking into your bed at bedtime for one more kiss and some quiet snuggling
• Waking up to your sweet smile first thing in the morning
• Seeing you grow and develop in big and little ways every time I see you
• Glowing with pride when I watch your Daddy, my little brother, bathe you and read to you and knowing the most important reason he was put on this earth was to be your Daddy.

The only difficult part of being your Auntie is having to get back on the train and go home, saying goodbye to you. Knowing that you’ll be even more grown up and more precious next time I see you makes me anxious to buy my next train ticket. So thanks for playing trains with me, singing “Circle Game” with me, and putting up with an Auntie who can’t get enough of you. I love you sweetie!

Auntie Lisa

If you're Patrick's Nana or anyone who's as crazy about him as I am, feel free to view these photos from my trip this weekend - catching a three year old quickly enough to snap a photo can be a true challenge!!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures and your letter make me cry - I miss him too! He is getting so big! Love Nana

Anonymous said...

Patrick's Dad thanks you on his behalf for this wonderful letter. You are the best aunt and sister a guy could have.

Patrick II