Monday, August 25, 2008

It's confirmed...

I still hate the first day of school.

I thought maybe I'd evolved and that taking Adam to his first day of 8th grade today wouldn't be so bad...

I was wrong. I still need tissue, hugs from friends, and encouragement that heading back to school is actually a good thing. Despite his comments otherwise, Adam was anxious to get out the door to school and we arrived twenty minutes early. Sufficient time for him to give me a sheepish hug and head off with his buddies - leaving mom to feel nostalgic alone.

This is the start of our last year at St. Anthony's. Perhaps because Eric has transitioned to public school, I'm feeling more than ever the sense of joy at simple pleasures like being able to start the new school year with a prayer service. Watching my son's classmates, the new 8th graders, take charge of the prayer service and be the big kids on campus is a joy. In a few months, they've transformed from slightly awkward 7th graders to the role models for all of the other students.

Another thing hit that hit me this morning is how old I am! I watched young, stylish moms with little kindergartners in tow and felt like it was just yesterday that we were beginning our St. Anthony's journey. How can the years have flown by so quickly?!

Blessedly, today is a minimum day and I will pick Adam up in less than two hours and go to lunch with his buddies (and mine, their moms!). Before I know it, it will be December, and March, and then time for graduation...

For today though, I want to remember the feeling of another "first" which is also a "last" and to thank every teacher who ever welcomed my boys on the first day of school with a confident smile and a committed heart. Because I know you love my kids so very much, I'm willing to part with them for a few hours every day.


Kathy said...

Lisa ~ I hope your boys have a great school year. I can't believe your youngest is already in 8th grade. Your post brought tears to my eyes...probably already dreading our first day of school on Wednesday.

The first day of each school year makes me realize that the kids (and I of course) are getting older.

patjrsmom said...

My eldest started his last first day at our parish school as well. I can't believe I have a child ready to set foot in high school! Yikes!

We did our own family prayer service at home last night for back-to-school and blessed everyone's backpacks and supplies---as well as the children!;-)

God Bless,

Alice Gunther said...

Such a moving post, Lisa.

The years truly do go by so quickly. A flash.