Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adam's New Braces

I just finished writing an article over at Productivity @ Home about darling Adam and his new braces. If you have kids with braces, I'd love to hearing your coping suggestions! We're doing better this week with pain management, but he still seems to be having difficulties complying with keeping his rubber bands in all day and night. I have to check with him several times a day to make sure he's wearing them as prescribed. Also, what are some good food choices for kids with braces - it seems like many of his favorites are on the "no no" list. Thanks for any helping comments you can offer!


Shirley said...

(see my note on your other blog about wearing the bands - bottom line is wear the bands now or wear everything for a couple of extra months!) ./sab

Pat Gohn said...

Teenager #3 is my third and last child in braces.

The first week, he lived on milk shakes and frozen smoothies. Usually after week one, it all settles down.

Just keep after oral hygiene and keep extra wax in every place your kid is... backpack, gym bag, car, bedroom and all bathrooms!

Best wishes! Take before and after smile pictures!!!

Heidi Hess Saxton said...

Just keep reminding him how HANDSOME he is going to be with all the kinks worked out of that beautiful smile.

It was while I had braces that I learned the joy of apples and peanut butter (I couldn't bite into an apple, so had to cut it up).

Bottom line: I wasn't careful with what I ate ... and wound up wearing braces almost eight years! It really does pay to be careful (and use lots of wax to keep down the cankers.) God bless you!

Laura said...

Be sure to get a Water Pik for Adam. Also tell him if he doesn't wear his rubber bands like he is supposed to, he will have to wear his braces longer (this is a fact too!).