Monday, January 28, 2008

Catholic Mom Columns

Hi Everyone. I was chatting with a lovely friend a few days ago about my "work" with, this blog and the podcast. During the discussion, we talked about how I have three distinct "audiences" - many visit the main site, the blog, or the podcast and never look at the other entities. Since I am responsible for all three, I see how they inter-related and compliment one another, but I know that many of you don' t have the time to regularly look at all three.

For you committed blog followers, I am going to begin posting the headlines of our weekly columns here each week so that you don't completely miss out on all of the great writing that is taking place at Every Monday, when I edit and post the columns, I feel as though I am treated to my own personal retreat. I gain so much each week spiritually and emotionally from our columnists, so I want to be sure to share them with you. Here are some great new columns from the past week. Enjoy!

My Mom's Old School Catholic Habits by Deacon Tom Fox

Why I Send My Kids to Catholic Schools by Sherry Antonetti

Catholic Book Spotlight: Dear Jane Letters by Amanda Hamm

Clarity at 4am by Pat Gohn

Celebrating Catholic Schools by Patrice Fagnant MacArthur

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week as a Family by Lisa M. Hendey

No Secret: Victoria Turns Mom's Pink Cheeks Red by Marybeth Hicks

The Ten Chocolate Commandments by Lisa Barker

A Sad Day by Janet Cassidy

Tea, Tapers and Turtledoves: a Celebration of Candlemas by Alice Gunther

The Measuring Stick by Meredith Henning

A Summer's Midnight Meeting by Columnist Sadie McCurry who writes about How We Can Support Our Military Families

Painful Truth: A Review of Amanda Young's Silent Prisoner by Heidi Hess Saxton

Working for Someone Else from Home by Becky Cash

Waiting Well by Michele Howe

Savoring Special Moments by Susan Handle Terbay

Nissa GadboisSimple Living by Nissa Gadbois, our new "Simply Speaking" Columnist

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Meredith said...

Thank you so much for this Lisa, what a wonderful idea, I am honored to be part of your site!! Blessings!