Friday, November 23, 2007

Reader Request

Can you help offer any suggestions on this question? I'm stumped!

Dear Lisa,

Do you know of a site online which reviews secular children’s books and popular authors for young people from a Catholic perspective? I know of several such sites which review movies, but was looking for one re: children’s literature. There’s a lot of scary stuff being marketed towards children these days, as you know, and I don’t have the time to pre-read everything (for all my children, and especially for my book-hungry 12 year old who is picking out his own books now).

Thanks for any info you have, God bless,


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Alice Gunther said...

My best friend, Melissa Wiley, is a literature blogger, author and Catholic homeschooling mother who reviews Children's Literature extensively.

Her blog is called Here in the Bonny Glen:

If you are interested in a review of a specific work, you might even want to email her privately. My guess is she's probably already read whatever it is and would love to post a review!