Friday, May 19, 2006

Things that made me smile today...

All before 8:00 -

* Being woken up by an 11 year old with a smile on his face who's trying very hard to be quiet

* Having an educated breakfast table discussion with two boys about a certain movie and why it can be dangerous for those who know nothing about the Bible (it's interesting to hear their opinions)

* Watching a boy play with a stick in the driveway for twenty minutes and realizing he woke himself up early just so he'd have time to do it

* Deciding to not fold laundry and instead heading into the music room and playing a duet of the fiddle tune "Cripple Creek", accompanied by a fourteen year old on electric guitar (who will sit and play fiddle tunes with aging mother even though she's really bad and has to keep starting over)

* Listening to two boys sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" all the way to school at the top of their lungs

* Hugs and kisses in the parking lot from both boys (I think the days for that are numbered!)

If I accomplish nothing else today, it's already been a fabulous day! Thank you God, for the little moments that fill my life and for the blessing of my children, who teach me something new and precious every day.


Anonymous said...

Reading your Blog makes me smile today! MOM

Sharon said...

How very sweet!
I second the hugs and kisses. My son is 2, but he really loves giving me kisses lately. It melts my heart! :)