Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I woke up this morning with my head feeling like someone had been banging on it with a sledgehammer all night, thereby confirming the fact that my body is missing its caffeine fixes! If it's this hard to quit coffee, I can't imagine the horrors that smokers must go through.

I found the following advice and commentary online:

The Withdrawal Symptoms of Caffeine

Once you have lowered your caffeine dependence status and realized that caffeine is the trouble factor in your diet, don't take the hasty decisions of cutting down on all such intake. For in case of sudden elimination of all caffeine products from your diet, the withdrawal symptoms maybe too tough to handle. consequently, you may suffer from some of the following withdrawal symptoms:



Intensification of premenstrual symptoms


Generalized muscular tension


Lack of appetite


Lack of concentration



Thank goodness for prayer, for the ability to ask Jesus to help me through this and all of the other tiny little crosses I will bear today. I am praying for everyone else too, for those who are hurting far worse than I will ever know. Now all of you need to pray for my poor husband, who has to put up with me today!

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