Thursday, November 17, 2005

An Open Letter to My Precious New Nephew

Dearest New Little Baby Patrick,

I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your baptism celebration this past weekend. I've been meaning to sit down and write you since Sunday night, but as you will soon learn, life is filled with so much fun and action that sometimes it's tough to find the time to write a good letter.

First off, let me say that you were by far the sweetest, cutest, and holiest of the ten babies at Saturday's baptism. I know that I may be a bit biased, but the sight of you in our family's beloved heirloom baptismal gown brought a smile to my heart and tears to my eyes. You get more adorable every time I see you - your smile has enough energy to light up the world!

I know that you won't realize this for a long time, but your wonderful parents gave you a very special gift this weekend - the gift of faith. By welcoming you into the family of God through your baptism, your mommy and daddy have blessed you greatly. They want the best for you throughout your life. By giving you the gift of faith in and love for God, they have ensured that you will truly never be alone. Along with your own family and our extended Christian family, you will always be able to count on God and your friendship with Him. You can turn to Him when you are lonely or afraid - and He will be the first to smile and laugh with you when it is time to celebrate, because He knew and loved you even before your Mommy and Daddy did!

A long time ago, your Gramps and Nana gave me the gift of faith through my own Baptism, and I have to tell you that of all of the wonderful things they've ever done for me, this was indeed the greatest! Now, as your Godparents, Nana and Gramps share the joy your Mommy and Daddy will have in teaching you to know and love God in your own life. I don't think you could have chosen better parents or Godparents for this job! Your Nana and Gramps will always be there to love and support you, and your parent are two of the finest, most family-oreinted and compassionate people I know. You are, indeed, a lucky little baby!

The symbols of your baptism - the water, the light of your little candle, your precious white gown, and the fragrant chrism oil - all have special meaning. Someday, when you are older, I'll teach you about those things too! But for now, I want to say again, congratulations and thanks so much for sharing your special day with me. I love you so much sweetie, and Jesus does too!

Auntie Lisa

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful letter, I made a copy that I will send to him for his "special things" box. MOM