Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Family Christmas Craft

Thanks Rebecca! It worked! And it looks even cuter right side up!

An experiment in "moblogging" - craft courtesy of Sr. Flor!

If you flip this photo on its side, and picture it plugged into the wall, you can visualize a craft made of baby food jars and a strand of Christmas lights, held together on the back side by a layer of "duct tape". Adam and I are currently trying to find a source for baby food jars so we can make this one at home.

The photo was send from my cell phone, which is why it's flipped sideways...baby steps at learning technology have not yet resulted in the ability to rotate this photo. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

too bad you don't live in Chicago...this is cute - right up Adam's alley - especially with the tape! I miss you...MOM

pats! said...

Very sweet. I shall try something like this with my kid.