Monday, July 11, 2005

Two Talented New Friends

One of the highlights of having a web site is "meeting" new friends and sharing the great work they are doing to help spread the Word and be Light in our world. Tonight, I've just put the finishing touches on two recent interviews I think you'll enjoy - Click on the Names to read the full interview:

Cami Tapley

Cami Tapley is author of a wonderful work of fiction entitled Gibraltar. Those who know me best and love me (most of the time), know that I love great books with great stories. Cami's book is one of my new favorites. It's hard for me not to give away the surprise parts of the story (yes, I'm one of those who reads the last page first) read the interview with Cami and buy her book and then drop me a note! It's great to read uplifting stories filled with interesting characters. Click here to read my interview with Cami.

Chuck Stevens

Chuck Stevens is a Catholic dad of five, policeman, music minister, student in a permanent diaconate program, and songwriter!!! Does the man find time to sleep? I don't know, but I do know that he's written some wonderful music that's aimed at praising God and doing good work to help others. Profits from Chuck's CD, In Your Presence, go to support charities, churches and good works. Click here to read my interview with Chuck.


Cami said...

Thanks, Lisa! I've become just as big a fan of yours since we've been in touch...Blessings hoped for and prayers offered for you, your family and your ministry...Cami

Anonymous said...

I'll check them both out!