Sunday, July 24, 2005

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Insomnia can be a good thing, right? The following new articles have been added this morning at I'm thinking that my insomnia is in solidarity with my darling husband, who likely got very little sleep last night locked aboard a submarine with a bunch of unruly cub scouts.

Click on each title to read the article:

Murder Mystery with a Catholic Flavor - my interview with the supremely talented Kathryn Lively

Things They Never Told Me - Lisa Barker always makes me smile

Moms Leave the House, but Never Home - Marybeth Hicks' take on mom leaving on a trip...I can relate!

Scrapbooking a Lifetime of Memories by Patrice Fagnant MacArthur - Speaking of scrapbooking, I've got a few pages to work on! Also, check out two new book reviews by Patrice. You'll find the links on the Home Page.

OK, off to have breakfast! Check back later today for additional updates!

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Anonymous said...

You have been really busy!