Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fresno in July = Purgatory

Someone jokingly informed me yesterday that Fresnans should get "time off" in Purgatory for spending summers in the Central Valley...but just when I feel like whining I read a story about this guy, who spent yesterday working on a Habitat for Humanity House in Southeast Fresno in the 108 degree heat. It brings to mind all the others who toil, despite this crazy weather conditions: the farmworkers in the fields, firefighters, construction workers atop roofs, our military men and women. All go about their jobs despite life threatening conditions. This is the time of the year when my ER doctor hubby usually appears on the TV news a few times fielding reporters' questions about how to survive the heat. It shouldn't surprise us though, we live through it every year! Is is hot where you live? How do you and your kiddos beat the heat? I'm thinking a trip to the movies may be in order for this afternoon!


Cami said...

I remember living in the central valley--HOT is the word for it! But speaking of being thankful...some missionary friends of ours in South Africa have related in detail to us about the tin shacks the people they minister to live in...we have more than we deserve; no complaints here.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear you saying just yesterday that you were too cold in your office? We too are having a very HOT day...AC is really a blessing!