Friday, October 24, 2008

My "Pay" for Today

Earlier this week, Mrs. Karen Z. wrote me from St. Joseph's Church in Georgia to share the good news that her class is enjoying coloring with our gospel activity sheets during their Wednesday night classes. She was kind enough to send me a few pictures of her adorable class working on their projects, and the photos literally brought tears to my eyes. is often a labor of love - long nights and early mornings spent plugging away on my computer, wondering if any of it really makes a difference. Mrs. Z. and her class are living evidence that the hours are worth it and that with the help of the Internet, we are touching hearts and souls.

I want to publicly and repeatedly thank all who contribute their time and energy to Your talents in writing, creating, and spreading the love of Jesus are helping and impacting people around the world - I couldn't keep the site going without you, so I hope you take as much joy as I do today from the smiles of this group of children!

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Laura said...

I love making all the religious games and activities for your site. I'm so glad that others enjoy them! :)