Monday, October 13, 2008

Greetings from Starbucks!

Hi all! Tonight, rather than dropping Adam off at his Fencing lesson and heading home, I'm here at Starbucks enjoying some quality time with my computer! (For a change, right?)

This weekend, I had the extreme pleasure of being a part of the Diocese of Fresno Religious Education Congress. My participation allowed me to give two presentations on topics related to family life and Catholic New Media. The first topic, "Raising Faith Filled Kids in Today's Technological Climate" looked at both the "blessings" and the "bewares" of allowing our kids to interact with technology such as texting, social networking and new media.

The second talk, "Nurturing Our Families' Faith Lives with 21st Century Resources" was a fun overview of all that's new and great in the world of Catholic New Media. I was so happy to share the good news about SQPN and to screen episodes of Grace Before Meals and That Catholic Show for those in attendance. Of course, they loved the videos!

I'm hoping that my talks convinced a few more faith-filled souls that there is great good to be done in using things like podcasting and social networking to help spread our faith, especially to the young people in our parishes. I want to send a special thank you out to my friend Cindy for not throwing tomatoes at me during my talk and for replenishing my soul with a fresh Starbucks gift card at the end of the day, when I was done with both talks - you're the best!

With these talks behind me and the Power Point Slides all prepared, I'm anxious to look for other opportunities to spread this good news. If you know of a speaking opportunity in your diocese or at your parish, I'd love it if you could drop me an email. I've got the bug!

In the mean time, over at Productivity @ Home this week I'm working on a "Time Budget". I'm looking at trying to make more time in my day to take on a big new project that I'll be unveiling very soon. If you have any pointers or tips for me, aside from telling me I'm crazy, I'd love your comments over there!

I hope your week is off to as a great a start as mine is! And I promise my Mom that I will try this week to do a better job of sharing with you here what's going on in my world. I know the rest of you probably don't miss me when I don't blog, but my Mom sure does and I need to keep her happy!


Anonymous said...

Yes - thank you! I will pray that you find lots of time...MOM

Almost Catholic Momma said...

I've been thinking about sharing the good news of Catholic new media to the people in my RCIA class. I think many of them would benefit from it. There are a lot of young adults in the class that are probably internet savvy.
Would you ever be interested in speaking to a RCIA group (I can help set it up for you)? Catholic new media might help many grow in their faith and become more educated in what is going on in the Catholic community.

Lisa M. Hendey said...

Melissa - I would love to speak with your RCIA group - maybe we can do it together! Thanks for thinking of me and let's chat about it when we get together next week for coffee!

Mrs. Kimberly Cochran, Principal said...

I'm sorry I missed your talk at Congress. Rollie & I were celebrating our 23rd anniversary. Cindy shared what an excellent talk you gave. Congratulations on a job well done. You're a great mom and friend!