Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Source for Holy Cards

I'm frequently asked about sources for personalized Holy Cards.  Someone sent me the link to CatholicPrayerCards.org which seems to be a good source for all kinds of things, including personalized Holy Cards.  If you have an event coming up, be sure to check them out.

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Ian said...

For people that are looking for the largest online selection of laminated cards from Italy, they should visit our holy card section. We can custom print and laminate over 200 different images as well.

Lisa, sfo said...

Hey, Lisa, got another tip for you on finding reasonably-priced, custom holy cards -- check with your local funeral home! Seriously, they can get them printed for you in bulk, and with an amazingly short (as in, next-day, usually) turn-around time.

A few years ago, my Franciscan community needed 500 of 'em printed up for one of our apostolates, and after tons o' research, that was the best option for us. We turned it into an ongoing apostolate, and every year, the same funeral home comes through for us. :-)