Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can You Help??

Reader Phylis shares the following question - I would love your suggestions and recommendations if you have anything to share with Phylis. Feel free to comment here or email me at with your recommendations. Thanks!

First, I love your website! I am trying to locate some materials and was hoping you might be able to help. Do you know where to find any religious education material to help teach children with special needs? This would include weekly religious education classes and Sacramental preparation. Any direction you can give will be appreciated.


Laura said...

I used to be a special education teacher in the public schools and I use this knowledge to teach any special needs student that is in my classroom. What I do is just a modification of the regular curriculum. Each student is different and the program should reflect the child's individual and unique needs. Remember, a program that is appropriate for one child may be inappropriate for another.

Be sure to gather information from the parents about the child. This information can help indentify what changes need to be made in the religious education environment. Some children may need to be in a separate structured program, others may need an aide (or the parent) that has been trained to help so the child can participate in the regular program. Some children just need a few accommodations and modifications to the classroom and program. Remember that each child is different and their needs are different as well.

Laura said...

I found some information that might help.

Ministering to People with Special Needs

And I came up with some questions you can ask the parents:

Special Needs Students: Information to Gather From Parents