Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catholic Moments #72- A Doctor and A Genius

This week, we celebrate the life of St. Therese of Lisieux with your emails, stories and phone calls. I'm also happy to share an interview with Phyllis Hall, whose family life and marriage to Bob Kearns is portrayed in the movie "Flash of Genius", coming to theaters this weekend. Deacon Tom Fox shares a reflection on the childhood of the Little Flower. Share your feedback at 206-339-9272, comment here on the blog or email lisa@catholicmom.com.

Links for this Episode:
Flash of Genius Movie
St. Therese Related Books: Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux, Third Edition, Shower of Heavenly Roses: Stories of intercession of St. Therese of Lisieux by Elizabeth Ficocelli
Faith and Family Live
The Catholic Company
Lisa's Facebook Profile, Plurk, Twitter
Catholic Mom Logo Store

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Great Catholic Social Networking Site

My good friend Gary Gersin of WWOW invited me to join his latest project, the John 654 Network. A Catholic alternative to sites like Myspace and Facebook, this site has plenty of great features. One of my favorites is the ability to listen to great Catholic radio while you're enjoying the site. While I was online, I heard a few of my favorite Catholic musicians, enjoyed the chat, and checked out a few of the groups. If you sign up, be sure to add me as a friend!

John654 Network

Friday, September 26, 2008

Forum for Checking Out Games

One of my favorite resources for investigating games for my kids prior to purchasing is Jorim's List.  Jorim does a great job of specifying the reasons behind a game's ratings so that you can make informed decisions about your purchases.

Jorim has now added a Forum to his site so that users can discuss and post reviews of games.  It's another great resource to help parents make informed decisions.  Check it out!

Jorim's List forum - Index

Worksheet Resource

http://worksheetworks.com/images/hundreds.gifA special thanks to Naomi for the heads up on the beta site WorkSheetWorks.com which enables users to create and print PDF files of worksheets to their own specifications. 

This site seems to have tons of different options and looks like a great resource for teachers, religious educators and moms and dads looking to help their kids with a little extra work.  


Additional Personalized Prayercard Resources

The following are some additional sources for great personalized Holy Cards:

Happy Birthday Adam!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest fourteen year old in the world!
I feel blessed every day to be your mom and love you so very much!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catholic Moments #71 - Rocking Romans

This week, we learn more about the work of Paul Mazurek, creator of Rocking Romans. Deacon Tom Fox shares a thought provoking reflection on the topic of Medjugorge and the book Medjugorje the Message by Wayne Weible. We look at the work of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul as we struggle with the concept of poverty in America. Be sure to enter for your chance to win the Faith Database - send your email to lisa@catholicmom.com by September 30, 2008 with the subject line "Faith Database Giveaway" and your complete mailing address in the body of the email. Share your feedback at 206-339-9272, comment here on the blog or email lisa@catholicmom.com.

Links for This Episode:
Rocking Romans
Medjugorje the Message by Wayne Weible
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Poverty in America You Tube video by Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Faith Database
Faith and Family Live
The Catholic Company
Lisa's Facebook Profile, Plurk, Twitter
Catholic Mom Logo Store

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Source for Holy Cards

I'm frequently asked about sources for personalized Holy Cards.  Someone sent me the link to CatholicPrayerCards.org which seems to be a good source for all kinds of things, including personalized Holy Cards.  If you have an event coming up, be sure to check them out.

Free Catholic Holy cards - Catholic Prayer Cards - Buy Affordable Handmade Rosaries Online -Catholic Patron Saint Religious Medals

Get Free Shipping at The Catholic Company and Help CatholicMom.com

Thanks to my good buddy Chris Cash for sharing the great news that The Catholic Company is offering FREE SHIPPING on everything for the next several days. As you know, we are a Catholic Company affiliate, which means that if you make your purchases through our links here and at CatholicMom.com, you make a great donation to CatholicMom.com. Is it too early for Christmas shopping?? I don't think so!

Click here to shop!

Here are all the details:

1. Simply place an order. You can place this order through our website, by phone, by fax, or by mail.

2. Use this coupon code: BLOG If you order online you will type in the coupon code during checkout. Simply type BLOG in the coupon code box located at the bottom of the payment page.
If you order by phone simply tell the coupon code BLOG to your customer service agent.
If you order by mail or fax simply include the coupon code BLOG on your order form.

*Terms and conditions: This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Applies to U.S. delivery addresses only. Applies to standard shipping only. Cannot be used on orders already placed or on backorders. Offer expires at 12:00 midnight, Eastern Time on Sunday, September 28, 2008.

Catechetical Etiquette

Over at Faith and Family Live today, I'm seeking your input and suggestions.  Reader Jackie asked for input on what types of classroom and mass behavior and manners catechists should be teaching their students.  Have any thoughts to share?  Head over and drop a comment to help out!

Faith & Family Live! : Catechetical Etiquette

Learn the Pater Noster

Yet another reason to love YouTube! My Daddy tried to talk me into taking Latin back in high school, but I resisted. Now, years later, things like this video make me wish I'd followed his advice.

YouTube - Pater Noster with English Translation

Mom's Choice Awards

To my author friends, have you investigated entering your book in the Mom's Choice Awards

I know several of you who would be ultimately qualified, so be sure to check them out and consider applying!

Mom's Choice Awards

Monday, September 22, 2008

CatholicTV Special on Padre Pio

Thanks to Susan Bailey of Grapevine for the great news that CatholicTV will be airing a special program tomorrow, September 23 in honor of the memorial of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. 

Susan shares that the program can be viewed live on the Internet through CatholicTV's amazing website at www.catholictv.org on Tuesday at 11:30 am and 10:00 pm and again on Saturday at 11:30 am and Sunday at 6:30 am - I believe all are Boston time zone, EST.

What a great way to celebrate the life and teachings of this special saint!

GrapeVine - Breaking News: Special program on Padre Pio to air on CatholicTV in honor of his memorial

CatholicMom.com Weekly Column Roundup

As usual, we've got lots of great columns to start off your week in style!

Those who follow me on Plurk and Twitter got the news that I scheduled a doctor's appointment today. I'm long overdue and have been procrastinating badly on this one. I was surprised when I called the doctor that she's able to fit me in on Thursday. If you've been putting off scheduling an appointment, pick up the phone right now and call - I know all of the excuses and have used them all, but we owe it to our families to take good care of ourselves.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

The Loaves and the Fishes by Susan Handle Terbay

God Calls Us to Different Paths to Perfection by Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

Homeschooling: The Growing Trend by Ebeth Weidner

Teaching Out of Your Comfort Zone by Lori Callaway

What Are You Wearing? by Janet Cassidy

Act of Faith by Michele Howe

Support from Your Spouse in the Kitchen by Kelly, Our "Kitchen Kop"

I've Created a Monster by Lisa Barker

Monday is Nun Day

One of my favorite blogs is A Nun's Life by Sister Julie.  She's got a great feature every Monday that highlights the lives of Catholic nuns and sisters who have devoted themselves to lives of service.  It's very inspirational!  Do you have a favorite nun or sister?  Why not pay her tribute by sharing her story with Sister Julie?

Nun Photo - Sister Margaret McCormack, CCVI — A Nun's Life

Happy "Family Day"

Thanks to my Plurk buddy BarbinNebraska for the heads up on the fact that today is Family Day, a "day to eat dinner with your children". 

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the fact that we need a special day to remind us to dine as a family.  I'm also feeling somewhat guilty knowing that at my house, on Monday nights, dining together is a rarity. 

The mission of Family Day, as stated on their website, is as follows:

Family Day - A Day to Eat Dinner with Your ChildrenTM is a national movement to inform parents that the parental engagement fostered during frequent family dinners is an effective tool to help keep America’s kids substance free. Family Day reminds parents that   Dinner Makes A Difference!

The good news is that I do know what we're having for dinner tonight, and that our family does manage to dine together several times per week.  Given the statistics that dining as a family will make children less likely to turn to drugs, alcohol and smoking, I'd say it's a great thing to prioritize.

So I hope you enjoy Family Day and that you and your family have a great dinner together tonight - and tomorrow too for that matter!

Family Day

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

To the world's best Mom, Nana, Mother in Law, Wife and Grandma - tons of greetings and great big moose smoochies on your 29th birthday.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you!!

Love, The one whose been your favorite the longest

Can You Help??

Reader Phylis shares the following question - I would love your suggestions and recommendations if you have anything to share with Phylis. Feel free to comment here or email me at lisa@catholicmom.com with your recommendations. Thanks!

First, I love your website! I am trying to locate some materials and was hoping you might be able to help. Do you know where to find any religious education material to help teach children with special needs? This would include weekly religious education classes and Sacramental preparation. Any direction you can give will be appreciated.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Podcast Award Nominations

It's that time of the year - time to nominate your favorite podcasts for the Annual Podcast Awards. The awards are a secular endeavor, but nominating your favorite Catholic podcasts in a variety of categories helps to bring added exposure to our shows amidst a broader audience.

Today on the Daily Breakfast, Fr. Roderick offered the following suggestions for nominating your favorite podcast. It would be great if you could take time today to go over to the Podcast Awards and nominate a show or two (or ten!).

Just in case you want to nominate Catholic Moments, here is the information you need:

Podcast Name - Catholic Moments
Podcast URL - http://feeds.feedburner.com/CatholicMoments

Your nominations would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way towards helping us spread the word about Catholic podcasting.

Here are Fr. Roderick's recommendations:

Peoples Choice:
Whichever show you like most

Best Produced:
That Catholic Show

Best Video Podcast:
That Catholic Show

Catholic in a Small Town

Secrets of Harry Potter

Catholic Under the Hood

Catholic Hack


Catholic Family Podcast

on the U

Hands and Feet

Food and Drink:
Grace before Meals

Secrets of the Lord of the Rings

Rosary Army

Catholic Moments


Healthy Catholic

Secrets of Battlestar Galactica

PodSafe Music:
Catholic Rockers

Daily Breakfast





Congratulations to the Antonetti Family!

Congratulations to the family of CatholicMom.com columnist Sherry Antonetti, who welcomed their newest family member Paul to the family this week.  Paul was born on Wednesday, September 17 at 7:28 pm.  Many of you have read about and prayed for the Antonetti family who were lovingly preparing for Paul's birth following his prenatal diagnosis with Down's Syndrome. 

At her blog, Sherry shares a lovely column written to celebrate Paul's birth - please take a moment to read it and to keep this precious little boy (and his mom) in your prayers.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catholic Moments #70 - Barbara Bartocci

This week, I'm thrilled to share my interview with inspirational Catholic author and speaker Barbara Bartocci, author of Grace on the Go: Quick Prayers for Determined Dieters, and Grace on the Go: Quick Prayers for New Moms. Deacon Tom Fox reminds us of the tremendous impact just a little bit of gossip can have on lives. Be sure to enter for your chance to win the Faith Database - send your email to lisa@catholicmom.com by September 30, 2008 with the subject line "Faith Database Giveaway" and your complete mailing address in the body of the email. Share your feedback at 206-339-9272, comment here on the blog or email lisa@catholicmom.com.

Links for This Episode:
Barbara Bartocci
Barbara's Books : Grace on the Go: Quick Prayers for Determined Dieters and Grace on the Go: Quick Prayers for New Moms.
Faith Database
Faith and Family Live
Fireproof the Movie
The Catholic Company
Lisa's Facebook Profile, Plurk, Twitter
Catholic Mom Logo Store

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Have You Made These Food Mistakes?

HT to BarbaraKB for sharing this great article from the New York Times examining common meal time mistakes made by parents who are desperate to get their kids to eat something. Who among us hasn't tried the "Just one bite..." strategy?

In our house, the episode of our coaxing Eric to eat six kernels of corn on his sixth birthday has reached legendary status. He succumbed to the "big boy" pressure and promptly repaid us by getting sick all over the kitchen.

As my kids age, I continually find that the best strategy for getting them to try new foods is to involve them in the cooking. Both are becoming great chefs and enjoy trying new ideas and seasonings.

6 Food Mistakes Parents Make - NYTimes.com

Sunday Gospel Activities

Every Sunday, over at CatholicMom.com, we offer fun activities related to the Sunday liturgy of the word. For the next few weeks, as a means of reminding you about them, I'm going to post the links here for you. A special thanks to Laura and Elyse, two special angels, who help me to compile these resources!

Monday, September 15, 2008

How We Spent Saturday

Eric and Adam had a blast this weekend jamming with the guys from Molly's Revenge. You can find some of the videos on Eric's YouTube profile, but here's one to give you a taste of the music.

Mid Life Vocations

Hat tip to Fr. Roderick for sharing this interesting article on the phenomenon of more men becoming priests at mid-life.  The article isn't only about Catholic priests, but presents some interesting thoughts on people of various religions pursuing a calling regardless of their age.

Pantagraph.com | News | Men becoming priests at mid-life

Congrats Scott and Christine!

So nice to see you, Boris by s.maentzCongrats to my SQPN buddies Scott and Christine on the latest addition to their family - Boris, the dromedary camel.  This guy is just too cute not to be shared!!  I can't wait to meet him and their other family members in person!

Christine gets an A+ in my book for following her dream!!

Boris, our Dromedary Camel - a set on Flickr

Who Do You See in Your Mirror?

Mirror DeceptionThis article from my great coach Greg Cheney is a keeper - I'll admit to still seeing a size fourteen in the mirror, even though I have been out of double digit clothing for over five years now. 

I love Greg's "three legged stool" approach to leading a balanced life!  Check it out for yourself...

Faith First Fitness Programs

Relish Reading

Picture_190I loved this article today from Jenny over at Wishpot Baby Blog about reading with siblings.  It makes me miss those wonderful evenings when Eric, Adam and I used to sit for an hour reading before bedtime. 

The good news is that both of my kids are still huge readers, which means that now we simply discuss great books together rather than me reading aloud to them.  My kids weren't early readers, but they developed a love for reading that will likely accompany them into adulthood.

Wishpot Baby Blog: Reading with Siblings: Wishpot Mom Expert Jenny Guest Blogs Today

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Download 5 Free Catholic Songs

Thanks to Susan Bailey of Grapevine for sharing the great news that we can all download five wonderful Catholic Songs free of charge over at SpiritandSong.com for five hours on October 7. Read all the details here and take this opportunity to learn more about a terrific Catholic recording artist, Jackie Francois.

Chore Wars

I'll admit to the fact that I'm a chump when it comes to chores. But I blame it on my mom. I was raised by the world's best Catholic Mom in a home where we didn't do "chores". I never washed dishes or did laundry until I moved out of my parents home, and even then, I tried to avoid it if I could!

My mom had (and still has) a certain way of loading the dishwasher and and doing laundry that worked for her and kept her household filled with five kids running well. I fear I've inherited my mom's propensity for wanting to do these tasks myself, and thus my kids don't wash dishes or do laundry either.

They do help out quite a lot in other ways, and have actually become some of the major cooks in our home. But I'll admit that they are likely very spoiled when it comes to chores.

That's why I was very interested in this article from the Wall Street Journal about the virtues attached to making kids do chores. The article's emphasis on housework as a teaching tool and as a means of serving others has me rethinking my boys' lack of chores.

I'll report back on whether or not this new found knowledge results in someone else getting to load the dishwasher in the Hendey household. My guess is, it's doubtful!

Our Lady of Coromoto

Thanks to RealCatholicTV.com, I learned today about the Patroness of Venezuela and thought you might enjoy learning a bit about her too!

Prayer to Our Lady of Coromoto

Beautiful Lady Mary, Virgin Mother of the Redeemer, with you we praise and glorify the Father in the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. We beseech you that, just as in Coromoto you guided the steps of the Indians towards the baptismal grace, you may now capture the heart of the Venezuelans, and bring them to the renewal of their faith.

Virgin of Coromoto, patron of Venezuela, bless the evangelistic action of the Church in our Country so that she might be fortress and defense of the faith of your children, and beginning of a renewal of the Christian customs. (Source)

Remembering 9/11

Today, at Faith and Family Live, we are remembering those whose lives were impacted by the tragedies of September 11, 2001. Danielle's post recalls the prayers of Pope Benedict XVI during his recent visit to Ground Zero in New York City and I posted about our experience the day the world changed forever.

All over the country, people are pausing today to remember lives lost and families impacted. Our family will be praying today for the souls of those departed and for peace in our world.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Travel to Portugal!

Thanks to our good friend Fr. Roderick, you and I can travel virtually to Portugal for a little pilgrimage. Father recently returned from his Portuguese sojourn and has begun posting his travel videos. I'm hoping to share them with you here as he puts them online.

I love Fr. Roderick's sense of humor, his eye for detail, the way he compliments his videos with music, and the "real world" feel that you get when you watch his films.

So today, come with me to Portugal for a little while and enjoy!

Charity Water

Thanks to Shannon Swenson for the heads up on Charity:Water, a non profit organization looking to bring clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Since both of my boys have September birthdays, I was drawn to their concept of launching a September birthday initiative to bring clean water to Ethiopia.

Learn more about Charity:Water here and consider supporting their work this month! If you take a few minutes to watch their videos, you can't help but be moved by the work being done.

Happy 17th Eric

Attend a Theology of the Body Lecture Online

Thanks to Pauline Sister Anne for sharing the great news about a monthly streaming video lecture series on the Theology of the Body. The recommended text is Pope John Paul II's Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology Of The Body.

The next lecture is being held tonight, Wednesday, September 10th at 7:30 pm EST here at Ustream.

If you miss the live presentation or want to catch up on previous conversations, visit the Ustream channel for recordings.

Rosary for the Unborn

Patrick Benedict wrote this weekend to share information about the following event which is being planned:

OCTOBER 18th WORLDWIDE ROSARY FOR UNBORN BABIES GAINS SUPPORT MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (September 4th, 2008) - The WORLDWIDE ROSARY FOR UNBORN BABIES prayer event, initiated by the Saint Michael the Archangel Organization, is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 18th. Support has come in from various places, including Lithuania, Czech Republic and India. Information about the pro-life prayer event is available in 9 languages(English, French, Italian, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog) at the website www.SaintMichaelTheArchangelOrganization.org The Saint Michael the Archangel Organization was contacted about the October 18th Rosary prayer event by Rev. Prof. R. C. Wanjohi of Kenya, who said: "Human Life International Kenya will participate in the Worldwide Rosary for Unborn Babies prayer event." Another person to contact the Organization was Clare Tallon of England who wrote: "I am glad such an event for innocent unborn babies is being held and hope that everyone who can, will take part." Participants in the WORLDWIDE ROSARY FOR UNBORN BABIES prayer event will pray the Rosary during the 9:00 a.m. hour on October 18th. The Rosary will be prayed for the following intention: For an end to the surgical and non-surgical killing of unborn babies. (If necessary, one may pray the Rosary at another time on October 18th.) "In addition to participating, people are encouraged to ask others to be participants," said Patrick Benedict, President of the Saint Michael the Archangel Organization and a parishioner at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in the Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee. " The Saint Michael the Archangel Organization needs much help so people throughout the world will know about this pro-life prayer event," concluded Benedict. The Saint Michael the Archangel Organization's website is: www.SaintMichaelTheArchangelOrganization.org. The mailing address is: P. O. Box 41257; Memphis, Tennessee 38174; U.S.A. (If a person needs a response, it is asked that a stamped, self-addressed envelope be included).

Magazine for Catholic Teen Girls

13 year old Anna wrote me to share the following information about a project she's creating:

My name's Anna and I'm 13 years old. I have created a magazine for teenage catholic girls called Faithful Magazine. I created this because i could not find a magazine for teenage catholic girls here in the UK (where I live). It is free to download from the website: http://www.faithfulmagazine.webs.com/ and is for any teen girls from anywhere in the world who wishes to read it.

Feel free to contact Anna to share your stories or questions for her new project. How inspiring it is to find young women who are looking out for ways to share their faith through the Internet. Good luck Anna!

Happy Belated Birthday Mary

In honor of Monday's Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, would you like to respond to the following request to celebrate our Blessed Mother with the wonderful women of Behold Your Mother? Feel free to respond to Sarah directly with your submissions:

Mary Moments: the Birthday Edition
This month, we'll be focusing on the Blessed Mother's birthday, traditionally celebrated on September 8.

  • What are some of your favorite Marian recipes? If Mary was coming to dinner, what would you make?
  • What do you give a mother who has everything? What will your gift to Mary be this year?
  • In reflecting on "another year older," how does the Blessed Mother serve as a guide, role model, and mentor to you?
Submit by 10 PM EST on September 10, using the online form or by emailing me at peerybingle [at] gmail [dot] com. If you have a story to share but no blog, feel free to email me your story and I'll put you live as a guest post here on my blog. We would love to have a truckload (or more) of entries to celebrate the Blessed Mother's birthday!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Must Run in the Family

Congratulations to Betsy, the sixteen year old high school senior daughter of Marybeth Hicks, on the launch of her new blog If I Could Vote...

Since I have a politically minded seventeen year old living in my home, I can appreciate the fact that young ladies like Betsy are taking time to formulate and document their opinions and thoughts leading up to the elections. I just wish more adults would take time to study the candidates positions and background as carefully as many young people are doing in their AP US Government and History classes.

Good luck with your blog Betsy - from reading what you've written so far I can see that you've inherited your Mom's talent for expressing yourself!

If I Could Vote...

Emily's Hope News

Ellen Gable Hrkach, author of the wonderful book Emily's Hope wrote to share the following good news:

Brian Patrick of the Cincinnati-based Sacred Heart Radio Station will be interviewing Ellen Gable Hrkach on the Son Rise Morning Show regarding her first book, Emily's Hope. To listen to it live, go to www.sacredheartradio.com at 7:45 a.m. Friday, September 12th, and click on the upper right-hand corner box "On Air." If early mornings are busy, you can listen to it later by clicking "Podcasts" on the left of Sacred Heart's home page and download the show from September 12th.
For a limited time, you can get a free copy of this wonderful book online at the Full Quiver Publishing website here. The book shares a wonderful story and a great prolife message.

Real Catholic TV

Have you checked out RealCatholicTV yet? My favorite feature on the site is the "Saint of the Day" video, which is updated daily and gives a great overview of the saints. It's quick, interesting and free.

You're Invited to a Concert!

Catholic musician Bryan Murdaugh is spreading the word about a "house concert" he's planning for next Monday, September 15th at 8:00 pm - you can watch live via the internet on UStream here.

I always love watching Bryan's YouTube video's because he not only sings his songs, but also gives a very thoughtful introduction for every song. I'm not a music minister, but if I were I'd be a regular visitor to BryanMurdaugh.com for all the good stuff he's got going on there! Keep up the great work Bryan and I hope to have a front row seat at the concert!

Soles for Souls

I love programs like Soles for Souls which facilitate our teaching our children to do good for others while at the same time being good stewards of the blessings God has shared with us. Here's some information on this program which is responding to people in need as a result of the recent hurricanes:

As you may know, the current hurricane season is upon us and is already a very busy one. While we collectively breathed a sigh of relief that Hurricane Gustav spared New Orleans a direct hit, we know that the other hurricanes lining up in the Caribbean pose a dire threat to the safety of hundreds of thousands of people.

Many of you stood with us when we sent aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina and made an enormous impact on the lives of many grateful people.

Now, we need your help again.

Soles4Souls has already set aside 50,000 pairs of shoes and boots to be donated to people in the Caribbean and the Southeastern United States, and we hope we won't need more. But Hurricane Ike, already a Category 4 storm, is taking aim at Florida, Georgia or the Carolinas, and we anticipate the need will be great.

Will you partner with us by hosting a shoe drive or collecting cash donations to help us make a difference in the lives of thousands of people? We can use nearly any type of footwear and the cash we raise will be directed solely to aiding victims of the storms so they can rebuild their communities. As always, your donations are tax-deductible.

If you can give, please visit our website at www.giveshoes.org or call us at 615-391-5723.

Your direct involvement in our mission is what keeps people on their feet and gives hope in an otherwise hopeless situation.

CatholicMom.com Weekly Column Roundup

More great topics this week from our wonderful columnists:

Let's Talk about Natural Family Planning by our newest Catholic Mom columnist, Katherine Barron

Talking to Children about Abortion by Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

Verses that Speak to Me by Susan Handle Terbay

Kitchen TV Adds Spice by Marybeth Hicks

Are You Laboring in Vain? by Janet Cassidy

How Are All Life Changes the Same? by Kelly, Our "Kitchen Kop"

Someone Needs a Time Out by Lisa Barker

Friday, September 05, 2008

Catholic Moments #69 - Gerard Faucheux

This week, we feature an interview with Catholic Dad and musician Gerard Faucheux, whose music ministry was born in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Deacon Tom Fox offers a wonderful reflection on our beloved Pope John Paul II. Be sure to enter for your chance to win the Faith Database - send your email to lisa@catholicmom.com by September 30, 2008 with the subject line "Faith Database Giveaway" and your complete mailing address in the body of the email. Share your feedback at 206-339-9272, comment here on the blog or email lisa@catholicmom.com.

Links for This Episode:
Gerard Faucheux
Faith Database
Theotokos - Mother of God Podcast
Faith and Family Live
The Catholic Company
Lisa's Facebook Profile, Plurk, Twitter
Catholic Moments Ustream Channel
Catholic Mom Logo Store

Click here to listen to Catholic Moments #69

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sr. Julia's Recommendations for the Year of St. Paul

I love Sr. Julia's videos, and this one is better than ever! She gives several great recommendations for books for the Year of St. Paul. Several of these books and more can be purchased through our CatholicMom.com Catholic Company Store.

Your Chance to Win the Faith Database!!

Faith Database CD-Rom Giveaway

Five (5) Prize Winner Receive:
Faith Database CD-ROM


How to Enter:
To enter, email lisa@catholicmom.com with “Faith Database Giveaway” in the subject line and be sure to include your complete mailing address. Enter by September 30, 2008

About the Product:
The Faith Database is a CD-ROM that provides access to over ten Bible translations, a Greek Bible, papal encyclicals, writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, the Catholic Encyclopedia, over 1,500 books by famous Christian writers, Church history, Bible art, maps, and much more! The Faith Database is completely searchable, printable, and portable (PDA) -- everything is linked together for instant research of any faith topic. According to Jerry Usher, the Faith Database is "a one stop shop for all things Catholic that's loaded with credibility and authority, and serves as the ultimate Christian resource." According to Usher, "It's the only Bible and faith study tool one will ever need."

Click here for more details on this product or visit the Faith Database website for a video demonstration.

Lisa on Sirius

On Friday, September 5th at 9:30 am EST I will be a guest on Gus Lloyd’s show “Seize the Day” on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 159. Learn more about Gus and his work here. Learn more about the Catholic Channel here and sign up for a free three day trial to listen in!

If you're interested in this and other "happenings" in my life, take a peek at the recently updated LisaHendey.com website, where I'm trying to keep track of the various opportunities that seem to be popping up in my life lately! God is good - all the time!

Money Saving Moms

I'm LOVING the fun videos over at ElevenMoms.com a new project from Walmart that selected 11 mommy bloggers to create and disseminate money saving tips via short home made video segments. Who among us wouldn't have loved to be one of the 11 selected? They're doing such a great job incorporating simple tips into fun video segments!

Keep an eye on the website for great tips and also your chance to film and submit your own video tips and be a winner!

Walmart.com - Money Saving Moms

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Catholic Moments #68 - Faith and Family Live Chat

In a special "extra" episode of Catholic Moments, I chat with the wonderful bloggers from Faith and Family Live - Danielle Bean, Rebecca Teti and Arwen Mosher. Our conversation ranges from Back to School, to getting everything done around our homes (or not!), to how to share the faith with and catechize our children in our homes. Share your feedback at 206-339-9272, comment here on the blog or email lisa@catholicmom.com.

Links for This Episode:
Faith and Family Live
Ignatius Press Faith and Life Religion Series
Music by Jenny Klement "Be There"
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To Teach - September 2008

Once again, the terrific resource To Teach from USCCB is now online and chock full of great ideas for you and your family to celebrate our faith. Now that the boys are back in school, I like this idea:

On a napkin or notecard, send a "Scripture" note to your child in his
or her lunch box or school each day. Choose verses that affirm them as
a gift of God's creation, challenge them to act more Christ-like, or comfort them.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Hendey Men Music Update

For those in my family keeping tabs on the musical exploits of my sons, the following are the results of this week's round of auditions:

Eric -
University High School Orchestra - Principal Bass
University High School Jazz Band - Bass Player
Fresno Youth Philharmonic Orchestra - Bass Second chair

Adam -
Fresno Youth Symphony Orchestra - Clarinet

Don't worry, I'm sure the devotion to traditional Irish music will continue but with little forays into the worlds of jazz and classical music as well.

Here are a few recent You Tube videos to enjoy:

Sarah Palin

As you well know, this is not meant to be a political forum - greater minds than mine are taking on that challenge all over the web. I did, however, want to point you to a few forums where moms are discussing the Sarah Palin appointment from a Catholic perspective. The following are a few posts I've read that have interesting discussions taking place:

Sarah Palin and the Politics of Motherhood

Sarah Palin: An Extraordinary Mom

Sarah Palin: Future Mother of a Nation

A Candidate for our Daughters

Traitor the Movie

Adam and I went to the movies today and saw Traitor starring Don Cheadle and Roy Clayton. I've loved Don Cheadle for a long time, especially since Hotel Rwanda, but I really don't know much about this movie outside of his starring role in it.

Let me say up front that the movie is PG13 and not for young kids. The movie is an espionage thriller that really takes on the topic of terrorism and religious fundamentalism. Adam and I had a fascinating discussion after the movie about the issues addressed. If you enjoy thrillers, you may want to check out this film. I tried to search for a review on the USCCB site, but it does not appear to have been reviewed.

Seen any good movies lately? I'd love to hear about them. By the way, I'm still trying to talk someone into going to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or Mamma Mia with me - unlikely in a house full of men!

Boy or Girl for the Willits?

RA #240 - Boy or Girl?One of our favorite podcasting, and soon to be satellite radio, Catholic couples shares some exciting news on their podcast today! Listen in with Greg and Jennifer Willits of the Rosary Army as they go for an ultrasound to determine the gender of baby number 5!

I dare you to listen to the whole twenty minutes without shedding tears of joy!

Congrats Greg and Jennifer - I'm so happy for you and your new little addition.

RA #240 - Boy or Girl?