Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home from my Retreat

I spent today at our parish retreat, preparing myself spiritually for the start of the new school year which begins tomorrow with Eric's first "real" day of his Junior year. I've blogged about my day over at Faith and Family Live and invite your thoughts here or there on how we, as busy parents, can find time in our days for the prayer we so greatly need.

And speaking of prayer, I would ask that you please remember in your prayer intentions "David" who is facing surgery for a mass which has been found in his kidney. Please pray for healing for David and for strength for his family as they see him through this health challenge.

Faith & Family Live! : Pausing to Pray

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

You have given your son a good Catholic home environment and those values I think stick more that what they learn at school. If he is a sensible kid he will cope at any school.

Many parents here in Australia wonder about the Catholic part of the catholic system as many of the kids come from different faiths and some of the school info packs talk about Christian values rather than Catholic values and apologize that the kids are expected to go to mass. Half the kids in my daughters class don't go to mass on Sunday and their parents do not practise. I often think some of the think the catholic system is a poor man's private education rather than a Catholic system. With other kids from different faiths going , the Catholic values are every diluted anyway. I think that's why many of my serious Catholic friends homeschool their kids or sent them to the state system.