Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Have an iPhone - Add the Liturgical Calendar!

My friends and family know of my love affair with my iPhone. I know we are not supposed to covet things, but my iPhone makes me so happy! And now, it's even making me a bit holier, thanks to the addition of the Catholic Calendar iPhone app. With this application and the touch of one button, I have access to the liturgical calendar on my phone. I can read about the saint of the day and it prompts me to remember to pray through this saint's intercession for my family and friends.

Also available from Universalis is the full app, which gives the user access to the full calendar, Liturgy of the Hours, and the Mass readings. I haven't yet spent the $40 that this app costs to unlock its features, but would love to have this app some day too.

If you don't have an iPhone fixation like I do, you can always access these wonderful features through the Universalis web site.

Universalis on the iPhone « Electric Prayer

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Anonymous said...

You should try out iMissal on iTunes. At only $4.99 it is a lot cheaper than Universalis ($33) and has all the Mass Readings. It also has Bible Verses and Prayers.