Monday, July 07, 2008 Weekly Column Roundup

Wow, this week we've got some really great columns over at You'll find some thought provoking topics, some warm fuzzies and several food related topics! Maybe I'm feeling sensitive, hungry and thoughtful today today since I started my new regimen with my coach Greg! Regardless, I hope you enjoy our columnists' work as much as I do and that you'll take a few moments this week to enjoy their comments, insights and at least one really awesome-looking cobbler recipe! (Enjoy that one for me, ok?!) As always, feel free to chime in here if you have time.

Year of St. Paul Resources

New Teen and Youth Book Recommendations

The Sacrificial Love of Motherhood by Deacon Tom Fox

The American Medical Association Just Does Not Get It by our newest Catholic Mom columnist, Katherine Barron

Life's Dips, Trips and Bliss by Cay Gibson featuring a recipe for Oma's Blackberry Cobbler Recipe

Should Gay Couples Adopt? by Heidi Hess Saxton

Rocky Road by Michele Howe

Politics, Parenting Ulikely to Mix by Marybeth Hicks

Did You Know You Should Only Buy Whole Milk? by Kelly,'s new "Kitchen Kop"

Are You Eating Too Much Sugar - Fitness Focus by Lynn Bode

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