Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big Boy Cousins

Eric, Adam and Jake at the Fresno Grizzlies Game

Big Boy Cousins are for...

teaching you to hit targets with squirt guns
taking you outside to run around so Mom and Dad can have a break
letting you play their instruments, especially the drum set
laughing at your five year old jokes
doubling as jungle gyms
letting you win at Rock, Paper, Scissors every time!


Anonymous said...

Cute! E & A are great cousins! MOM

Jenn said...

So true.... it is nice to have older cousins!

Anonymous said...

I love the one about laughing at the five year old jokes. So true!Our kids adore their older cousins. My son (5) especially loves his 13 year old cousin so much that when he sees him you would think the 13 year old was a rock star. It's cute.

Fr. Patrick's Mom said...

Were the Grizzlies playing the Angel's Salt Lake team? My nephew plays for them.

Lisa M. Hendey said...

Fr. Patrick's Mom - yes, they were! They split the double header, with each team winning a game. You've got to love minor league ball - so much fun stuff going on along with the baseball. What position does he play?

Fr. Patrick's Mom said...

He is a catcher, but I just went to the Bee's website, and he didn't hit very well yesterday, but did hit on Friday.

It's funny how God led me to this website. I was looking for items on Matt Maher and WYD, as I work with Matt at St. Timothy. My son is also there. Well, as only the HS can do, He led me here, and you were going to my nephew's game, just as I was longing to be there. We only get to see him if he plays Fall Ball or comes to spring training...and he has for the last 3 seasons.
(My husband also went to school with your ex? mayor, Carlos Brown, alias Alan Autry.) SUCH a small world!

Lisa M. Hendey said...

Fr. Patrick's Mom - it is a small world! I am a huge Matt Maher fan and even had the chance to do a phone interview with him a while back. What a talented guy!

Hope you become a frequent visitor. And is your son really a priest? How cool is that?!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa,
Yes, my son is really a priest. Matt did the music at his first Mass and my daughter's wedding. He is a humble servant of God.

As for the "Angel" in our family, we have teased Fr. Patrick that we think an Angel trumps a priest. :-)

I will try to visit regularly, as I really enjoy your blogs.

Can't remember my password...


Lisa M. Hendey said...

FPM, what a blessing to have Matt at your happy events. Where is Fr. Patrick located? I hope he's somewhere near you so that he gets to have dinner with mom on a regular basis. Congrats on raising great kids - you're a role model for all of us!

Fr. Patrick's Mom said...

Father Patrick is in the Diocese of Phoenix, and we do get to see him regularly. However, that's when he comes home. We rarely go to his parish as that is his family, too, as our parish is ours, and they deserve his attention. We are honored that he answered God's call, and we have 4 other children that honor us as parents. A couple of them give us good cause to keep them in prayer, a gift, really. They keep us closest to God! :-)

Lisa M. Hendey said...

I simply love this quote of yours:

"A couple of them give us good cause to keep them in prayer, a gift, really. They keep us closest to God! :-)"

What a way to think about it! That is really something - it completely changes my perception. Thanks for sharing that pearl of wisdom!