Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mom heads back to the Dorms!

This week, Eric and I are in Santa Fe, New Mexico attending ZoukFest 2008 | World Music Camp.

Actually, Eric is attending and I'm soaking up the scenery, writing and touring beautiful Santa Fe. After flying into Albuquerque (yes, the old Patridge Family Song is stuck in my head!) this afternoon, we drove over to Santa Fe and checked into our lovely dorm room at the College of Santa Fe. This will be my home for the next six days. Eric will be attending classes from 8 to 6 and then playing "sessions" into the wee hours of the morning. I'm hooked up with a great Internet connection, the dorm to myself for most of the day, and a beautiful city to explore. I'm hoping to spend the mornings working productively and the afternoons checking out local historical sites and galleries. It feels like a retreat of sorts, which is precisely what I'm needing. Eric, in the fashion of any normal 16 year old, would prefer that I spend as little time with him as possible. We had a lovely drive over today - can you believe that the speed limit in New Mexico is 80 in some places? Conversations with my son make me so proud of the man he is becoming!

Are you able to take some time this week for a mini-retreat? It may be an early morning Mass, a walk in the park, or even a bubble bath? Try to plan for an hour or two to refresh and rejuvenate yourself spiritually, physically and mentally.

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