Monday, June 16, 2008

CNMC - Are You Going to Be There?

I just clicked over to the CNMC website and the site of the countdown clock with less than six days remaining gave me chills. I can't imagine how Greg Willits, the true heart behind the Catholic New Media Celebration, must be feeling!

I will be flying to Atlanta on Friday night and look forward to participating in the Diocese of Atlanta's Eucharistic Congress on Saturday. The CNMC will take place Sunday, and is free of charge. If you live in the region (or even if you don't but just want to take a really great road trip), it's not too late to register. I am looking forward to meeting in person with several of my "friends" from across the country. It's going to be very surreal to be with some of the people I've read and admired for years. I hope to share a few pictures, some audio and some recollections of the event. Please pray for the Willits family and for all of those who will be traveling to attend this important occasion as we look at ways to share our faith using New Media. If you're coming, please drop me an email or a comment below so I can watch out for you!

Catholic New Media Celebration: Come for the Eucharistic Congress. Stay for the Catholic New Media Celebration.

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