Monday, June 30, 2008 Weekly Column Roundup

Hi everyone and welcome to a wonderful holiday week. This week, I'm thrilled to welcome yet another new columnist! Katherine Barron, host of the wonderful podcast Catholic In a Small Town, will be writing on topics related to Catholic Attachment Parenting, Breastfeeding, and other cool stuff at her new column entitled "Bumps on the Road To Sainthood" - you've got to love that title!

Adam and I shared a wonderful weekend together in Seal Beach, where we were able to visit with my favorite priest, Fr. Michael Collins. Fr. Collins is celebrating his 90th birthday this month, as well as the 65th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. Later this week on the podcast, I'll be sharing my interview with Fr. Collins - I know you'll enjoy getting to know him as well. We had a wonderful weekend near the beach - you know it's one of my favorite places!

I hope you enjoy reading all of this week's columns from our wonderful contributors. While you're reading, I would request your prayers for two special intentions: Pat Gohn is recuperating from a surgery and Sadie McCurry's husband is currently deployed in Baghdad. Both families need our prayers and support during challenging times, and I know that you readers are prayer warriors. I'm also asking your prayers for my TV project director Dan, who recently learned of a very difficult health crisis he is facing. Thank you for your continual support in these and the many intentions I bring to your attention.

Here are this week's columns:

Learning about the Faith with Your Children by Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

How I became a Catholic AP (that's "Attachment Parenting") Mom by our newest Catholic Mom columnist, Katherine Barron

The Year of Paul the Apostle by Sherry Antonetti

The Bread of Life by Kate Wicker

Biscotti in Bed by Pat Gohn

God Is Laughing At Me by Columnist Sadie McCurry

Balancing Work and Children this Summer by Becky Cash

Do You Love Sweets Too? by Kelly,'s new "Kitchen Kop"

The Least of Our Brothers Includes a Little Frightened Kitten by Ebeth Weidner

Up and Away by Michele Howe

The Great Houdini and His Assistant by Lisa Barker

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