Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exciting News about Catholic Children's Book Fairs and Clubs

I had the most exciting news this week from Sally Feller of the wonderful Pauline Books and Media. Sally shared with me the great news that Pauline is creating a book fair that will provide an alternative to the Scholastic book fairs now being offered in many Catholic schools. I'll keep you posted as I get additional details. Sally shares the following information:

The book fairs will be accompanied by a magazine called JClub: A Catholic Place for Kids and a website with fun stories, games, activities, videos, music, and reviews for kids. The site and magazine will also have content for parents and educators so that they can learn about media literacy, crafts, a “Help! My Kids Are Asking Me!...section with catechetical questions that can be sent in for the Daughters of St. Paul to answer, a “Meet a Sister” page, Saint-a-Day bios and questions, and more.

JClub Book Fairs came about from the request of principals, teachers and parents for a Catholic children’s book fair and web site that would provide good and wholesome activities, resources and books for Catholic students, teachers and parents. Another benefit of JClub is the media awareness component addressing Christian living in a media culture. The J is for Jesus placing a focus on Jesus and our Catholic faith—it is also a fish hook that reminds us that we are caught by Jesus and sent to be fishers of men and women for the gospel in his Church.

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