Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eric Hits the Road

Dear Eric,

Congratulations on passing your Driver's License test today! I know you've put in many hours of study and practice to achieve this milestone in your life, so your Dad and I are very proud of you.

I remember the day I earned my license (after flunking my test the first time I took it!) and how I couldn't wait to hit the road. With your independent spirit, I know you feel the same way! So, I must admit to having a tinge of sadness mixed in with my pride and excitement for you. For over sixteen years, driving you has been my job and my joy. Every day, when I drop you off at school, I say a quiet prayer for you as you leave the car. I pray for your well being and for your total happiness. At the end of each school day, as I wait for you in the parking lot, I anticipate the things you will tell me about the events that have happened to you during the hours we've been separated. I can tell by the way you walk to the car whether your day has been good or bad, and I'm always happy to hear about each tiny detail you share.

The process of letting you go has been a gradual one. It started when you walked, and then crawled. Letting you cross the street or take the training wheels off your bike was the next step. At school, when you were big enough to walk yourself across the parking lot to your classroom without me I thought you were so grown up! I remember the first time you went for a run on your own, and the first bike ride you took without me - I held my breath the whole time and prayed for your speedy return!

And now, with your license in hand, it's time for your Dad and I to watch you take that next step towards your destiny. We trust you implicitly and know that your high sense of responsibility will keep you on the right path. Someday soon (probably tonight...), you will ask to use the car and you will drive away by yourself. You might go to the bookstore, or to a friends', or just out to drive around. While you're gone, I will worry, I will pray and I will miss you - because that's what moms do. I'll also miss driving you to school and having the immediate joy of seeing your face as you jump into my car. Remember that you're going to have to humor me when you come home by sharing a few tidbits of information.

I'm so proud of you Eric, not just for earning your license, but more importantly for the fine person you are becoming. Today, you embark on yet another adventure. Be responsible, be safe, and have fun!

I love you,


Fred Stemp said...


Wow! I'm just sitting here in my cubical when your Twit came up with this. And now tears are streaming from my eyes! I have a 15 year old daughter who is about to embark on the same journey and I share the same feelings! Thanks for such a beautiful post. I will be praying for and with you. God Bless!

julia said...

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Michele said...

Lisa, You made me cry. What a beautiful post! Hugs to you!!

Michele from NH.

Pat Gohn said...

Gen. 1:31: ... and behold,it was very good.