Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Check Out Catholic Magazine!

The co-producers of the popular That Catholic Show video series have launched a different - but 100% faithful - look into Catholic life.

The result is the brand new audio program, Catholic Magazine, which provides a unique blend of viewpoints from priests, laypeople, teachers, and even a military officer, who share stories about living a Catholic life.

“With Catholic Magazine we wanted to capture some of the beautiful story-telling aspects that can be found on radio programs such as those on National Public Radio, but to tell these kinds of stories from a Catholic perspective,” says show host Greg Willits. “The voices and stories you’ll hear are always unique, but the Catholicism of the writers ties them all together.”

Each episode of Catholic Magazine features several short segments by different writers and narrators, offering listeners with different themes on each episode.

Catholic Magazine is available to listen to from the website of the Star Quest Production Network (www.sqpn.com), as well as from the Rosary Army website (www.rosaryarmy.com) where listeners can also download episodes of the award winning Rosary Army Catholic Podcast.

The weekly series is also available for download via podcasts. Podcasts, which are similar to radio shows, are free, downloadable audio files saved in MP3 format that can be listened to on computers or portable media devices such as MP3 players, CD players, and iPods.

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