Thursday, April 17, 2008

USA Today Roundup of Papal Bloggers

Here's an interesting article with a round up of bloggers writing this week about the Pope's visit. Try to disregard the few stupid comments at the bottom of the page and use this as a resource for some great writing and perspectives. I don't know if anyone at EWTN is blogging - that would be a great tool too!

Speaking of coverage, since I spend the bulk of my life in my car and only have access to XM radio/CNN coverage, I've been listening to many of the events on CNN. This morning, Eric had an Ortho appt. during the Mass (sigh...). After the appointment, we were driving him back to school and listening to Mass. The "color commentary" was being provided by the incredibly awesome Fr. Jim Martin, one of my favs. Fr. Jim's style is so wonderful - he delivers catechesis with such style and authenticity. Eric commented to me, "Mom, this is probably more than I'll learn in religion all week - can I stay in the car instead of going to school?" We had such a great time together listening to the Mass. It was around the time that Holy Communion was being distributed and we daydreamed aloud about the true joy of having the chance to receive Eucharist which had been consecrated in the presence of the Holy Father. This mom had to put on sunglasses to had the tears of joy flowing from her eyes - a blessed memory of a morning well spent with my 16 year old. These moments of hope are the perfect reason why we needed Pope Benedict's journey to our country.

The ending words of his homily today during the Mass at Nationals Park Stadium underscore this need:

Those who have hope must live different lives! (cf. Spe Salvi, 2). By your prayers, by the witness of your faith, by the fruitfulness of your charity, may you point the way towards that vast horizon of hope which God is even now opening up to his Church, and indeed to all humanity: the vision of a world reconciled and renewed in Christ Jesus, our Savior. To him be all honor and glory, now and forever. Amen.

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