Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top Catholic Songs for Holy Week

Milford, CT - Top Catholic Songs formally announced today the voting results for the Top Ten Songs for Holy Week from Catholic Artists. Continuing his winning trend, Sean Clive scores another top seat as his "Calvary" from the album Amazed was voted #1 song for Holy Week.
Dan DĂșet's "And Time Stood Still" comes in second, with the entertaining, yet reverent, "Holy Thursday" parody on the the classic Mamas and the Papas' "Monday, Monday" places Nick
Alexander at #3.

Trish Foti Genco's Lamb of God secured the #4 spot, with John Flynn's "Forsaken" from the album Cry Out right behind at #5. Lynn Geyer's rendition of "Psalm 42" and Nancy Krebs' "Eyes" fill out the #6 and #7 positions, and Bob Metivier's moving "Father(The Passion)" lands at #8. The Catholic band Apostolica ranks #9 with "O My People", and the list ends with Mel
Kennedy's cover of the familiar "Via Dolorosa".

The purpose of this Top Ten list was to honor Catholic artists for their musical and technical achievements in providing Catholics with quality recorded music which is entertaining, edifying, and educational.

According to a poll of the Top Catholic Songs online community, these 10 songs represent the best recorded songs by Catholic musicians for Holy Week:

1. Calvary / Sean Clive
2. And Time Stood Still / Dan DĂșet
3. Holy Thursday / Nick Alexander
4. Lamb of God / Trish Foti Genco
5. Forsaken / John Flynn
6. Psalm 42 / Lynn Geyer
7. Eyes / Nancy Krebs
8. Father (The Passion) / Bob Metivier
9. Oh My People / Apostolica
10. Via Dolorosa / Mel Kennedy

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