Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Music that Helps Open Our Hearts to God's Grace in Our Lives

Wow, today had the incredible opportunity to speak with one of my musical heroes, Matt Maher, on the telephone. The moment was surreal - a few weeks ago I was sitting high in the "nosebleed" seats at the Anaheim Convention Center arena with over 20,000 other Catholics listening to Matt Maher sing at the Opening Ceremony. I am so moved by Matt's music - by the way he pours his heart into his songs and by the message he shares not only with our Catholic youth, but also with each of us as Christians.

I'm one of the lucky ones who's had a sneak peak at Matt Maher's new CD Empty and Beautiful which is slated for release on April 8th. I hope you can make time during this Holy Week to read my reflections on my conversation with Matt at CatholicMom.com.

You can listen to Matt Maher's new CD at his website, MattMaherMusic.com.

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