Monday, March 10, 2008

Great News for Readers!

Great news for teen readers (and their moms too!). Regina Doman has announced the release of the first installment of her planned Catholic Teen Novel Project series: Catholic Reluctantly by Christian M. Frank. Here's part of the description:

One start-up school.
Seven mismatched kids.
Catholic truth.

When their parents decide to start a new high school,George, Celia, Liz, J.P., Brian, and James are all thrown together, although they have almost nothing in common. George and Celia attended the local Catholic high school, Brian and James were homeschooled. Liz just wants to attend a school where she can play sports, and J.P. just wants to make trouble.

Then there's a shooting at the local public high school, and Allie Weaver joins the class ...

I love, love, love Regina Doman's writing, so I know this book is sure to be a winner since she's associated with the series (even though I haven't had the chance to read it yet!). You can learn more about the John Paul II High series here.

This is also a great chance for me to remind you about Regina Doman's latest book Waking Rose, which is the third installment in Regina's series based upon the tales of the Brothers Grimm, retold in a fascinatingly beautiful way from a modern, Catholic perspective. Great stuff!

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