Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Issue of Canticle Magazine

I wanted to share with you that the latest issue of Canticle is now available.

If you are not already a subscriber to Canticle, please consider giving yourself or a friend the gift of a subscription. You can now request a free trial issue of Canticle by calling 800-558-5452. Thanks to Heidi Hess Saxton, our wonderful Adoption columnist, for the tremendous work she is doing with Canticle.

This Lenten issue also features a special Easter insert and contains articles by some of my favorite writers (and one by me too!) including:

  • Denise Bossert: "Judith: An Image of Feminine Valor"
  • Ronda Chervin: "The Stations of the Cross for Widows"
  • Gretchen Garrity: "Giving Lent a Try"
  • Laura Yeager: "Grace-Filled Speaking"
  • Lisa Hendey: "Knit Together in Love"
  • Deb Richards: "Hope in the Desert"
  • Pat Gohn: "Longing to Have Them Home"
  • Karen Edmisten: "Seconds and Sacrifice"
  • Sarah Reinhard: "Smells Like Roses to Me!"
    Judy McCloskey: "Fear's Growth Potential"


Anonymous said...

I must re-subscribe..

Lisa M. Hendey said...

Jackie, I must too! I just learned that my subscription has lapsed, so I'll be calling tomorrow to re-order!