Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun New Games from Laura

Over at our Lesson Plan and Sunday Gospel Activity pages, I've just added two great new games from "Lesson Plan Laura", our resident catechist!

  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words Game - Fun game reviews liturgical postures and actions used during the Mass
  • Holy Mass Game - A wonderful game to test your knowledge of the parts of the Mass and objects used during the Mass, with an extra special set of questions for little ones
Laura also shared some great links for Christian "file folder games" groups, folks who are using creative activities in religious education. Here are the links that Laura has shared:
Old Creative Kingdom- File folder games pertaining to the Old Testament.
New Creative Kingdom- File folder games pertaining to the New Testament.
Other Creative Kingdom- File folder games that relate to other Christian subjects: Holidays, Church, Liturgy, Prayer, Rosary, Sacraments, Saints, Stations of the Cross, etc. The group also includes: Can Games, Card Games, Memory Games, Circle Time Games, Sequence Games, etc.

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