Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Catholic Writers Guild

For those interested in writing, please check out the new and very active website of the Catholic Writers Guild. The Guild has gone from a Yahoo group to a fully functioning organization with a well run structure. They are currently planning an Online Writers Conference to be held in May. The Conference will feature tremendous "speakers", all free of charge. Click here for additional information on the Catholic Writers Guild.

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Karina Fabian said...

Thanks for posting this, Lisa!

I'd also like to invite those interested in writing to the Catholic Writers Conference Online May 2-9. This FREE conference has some major players in the publishing world--authors, editors, and agents--as well as excellent talent in the mid-range and smaller press venues who are devoting their time to answer questions and hold workshops.

It's completely on-line with chats and forums. Learn more at www.conference.catholicwritersguild.org.

Karina Fabian
Pres, Catholic Writers' Guild
Editor, Infinite Space, Infinite God, a 2007 EPPIE winer for best sci-fi