Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What's New?

Hey Y'all! Have you missed me? Life is settling back down to its normal frantic pace after two weeks of celebration and having Nana here for a visit. I love having my mom in my home - it makes me envious of those of you who live close enough for nightly visits with parents and siblings. We're spread all over the country! I promise to post photos soon of some of the past weeks' events, including my son's graduation, which was spectacular.

I've added some new stuff this week over at, along with updates of all of our favorite columnists. Take a look at our new Family Dinners feature, featuring Christine's wonderful recipes. This will become a new weekly feature and I think it's going to be great! If you like Christine's recipes, you may want to follow the links on that page to her "Dine Without Whine" service - your subscription earns a small referral fee for and will go to help keep the site alive and well.

I've also just posted my latest Book Spotlight interview with Cheryl Dickow, author of Reclaiming Your Christian Self in a Secular World: A Woman’s Worth. Cheryl's book is great, as are her insights in our chat. This new Culture Spotlight Blog will be the new blog for book spotlights, musician interviews, featured artists and more. I may even start blogging over there about some of our family's favorite television shows.

For now, I'm off to a staff meeting at Church and then to pick up son #1 from football practice (yes, it's already started!!!). One favor to ask: would you please all join me today in praying for a special intention?

Mom, I miss you already! Can't you just come back - oh, and bring Daddy too! I'm a forty two year old woman with separation anxiety.

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