Sunday, June 11, 2006

Things that made me smile today...Evening Edition

...watching Eric altar serve at Mass this morning - he looks so angelic up there! Also, what Mom can resist the site of an almost 15 year old in shorts, a tshirt, dark socks and black dress shoes? mother-in-law surprised me after mass today with an early birthday cake (it's later this week, but we'll be traveling and she knew I probably wouldn't get a cake if she didn't do it today! (Inside joke to my mom: guess what I got for my birthday "under there"...)

...the site of Adam sitting in the pool, eating dinner - what's better than simultaneous eating and swimming?

...Blue Man Group on PBS - we flipped on the TV tonight and found them rocking out on PBS. We love the Blue Man Group and are hoping to take the kids to see them when they visit Fresno in November.

...No school tomorrow!!!

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