Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lake Life

Tuesday night we headed up to Bass Lake, about one hour from home, for Greg's annual residency program dinner and roast. Greg (on electric guitar) and Eric (on bass guitar) performed a musical montage of songs like "Angie", "Hotel California", "That's What I Like About You", and more with the words all changed to pay homage (and some abuse) to the graduating residents. It's such a fun tradition and it was great to see my men up there playing together. Adam took charge of making and holding up a "CLAP" sign at the end of each number, but no promptings were needed - there was full on dancing and standing ovations! My husband is so cool! Of course, he took his share of roasting from the residents too - they referred to him as "HendeyMan" with a cape and big "H" on his chest.

This photo was taken on my cell phone on the pontoon boat we rented for a few hours. We took the boys boating - yikes, for the first time ever and this is so close to home! They loved tubing behind the boat and both did great tricks. But Mom won the award for the most spectacular crash of the day - I got a bit cocky trying to ride on my knees and jump the wake! What fun!! I swallowed half of the lake, but it was worth the cold dip to have such a great day with my boys.

Life is indeed beautiful - what a perfect way to spend the first full day of summer.


Mom Nancy said...

Sounds like a great day, and lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone video tape the performance? Sounds like you had great fun!

Anonymous said...

Only HALF the lake.....I'm impressed!! Way to go Mom!!