Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Articles

Our Mother's Day celebration is off to a great start over at CatholicMom.com - take a look to view some recent articles, gift ideas, poetry and more. I'm still looking for contest entries so that someone can win Lisa Barker's wonderful book. Remember, your entry can be as brief as one sentence. All names who comment here or email me will be entered.

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Anonymous said...

I remember Mothers Day in 1974 when we took your Mom's presents (including, but not limited, to a television set, water skis, bowling ball/bag and mucho clothing) over to Nancy's house, where we wrapped all the gifts and kept them them hidden there until early Mothers Day morning when I transported them to our garage. After you kids helped me make Mom our brunch for her in bed, we took all of the presents to the bedroom, whereupon your brother Patrick (age five at the time) announced the contents of each unwrapped present to Mom as you handed them to her, as you and Erin told him to "Shuuut Uuuup!") But the all emcompassing memory is that every year on Mothers Day, we got up early to do something special for the Mother who spent the entire rest of the year doing special things for us. Love and Misses, Dad (logging in from Dallas on business)